Former House Guard for the Drow Aristocracy, Lornak was forced to leave his homeland in exile. Starting a new life, Lornak is seeking out his freedom and independence.


STR=14 CON=12 DEX=18 INT=10 WIS=09 CHA=16 AC=16 FORT =12 REF=16 WILL=13 SPD=6

CLASS: Rogue TACTIC: Ruthless Ruffian

SKILLS: Acrobatics=9 Arcana=0 Athletics=7 Bluff=8 Diplomacy=3 Dungeoneering=-1 Endurance=1 Heal=-1 History=0 Insight=-1 Intimidate=5 Nature=-1 Perception=4 Religion=0 Stealth=11 Streetwise=3 Thievery=9

FEATS: Daring Performer

RACE FEATURES: Trance, Lothtouched(Darkfire Charisma) Fey Origin

CLASS FEATURES: First Strike, Rogue Tactic, Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack

AT-WILL POWERS: Deft Strike, Sly Flourish

ENCOUNTER POWERS: Cloud of Darkness, Darkfire, Positioning Strike

DAILY POWERS: Handspring Assault


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